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    Collective Agreements

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    The Collective Agreements listed in this section are organized by Employer name. Please select Numbered Companies or the letter from the alphabet links below to go to the Employer names beginning with that letter, or look through the full list of Employer names.

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    Please note that the Board is now accepting collective agreements in electronic format only. The document name must include the Employer name, the Union name (or acronym), and the term of the agreement (for collective agreements) or the date for ancillary documents (for example, Employer.Union.2019to2022.pdf). Please submit your agreement via e-mail to LRB.Library@lrb.bc.ca. If you cannot submit your agreement by e-mail, please submit your agreement by mail on a CD ROM.  Please ensure that all "comments" are removed from your agreement before submitting it to the Board. Also, please submit your agreement as one document only.

    PLEASE CONTACT THE BOARD AT 604-660-1304 or e-mail information@lrb.bc.ca if you are unable to find the collective agreement you are looking for in the A to Z Employer Index.

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