Innovation and Success Stories
    Case Studies Describing Collaborative Workplace Initiatives

    Commencing in January of 2005, the Labour Relations Board will be posting on its website, a summary of innovation and success stories from workplaces in the community.

    The purpose of this initiative is to share information with the community so that others can benefit from your innovation and success.

    In order to do so, we are looking for workplace examples from the community to feature.

    Have you recently negotiated a collective agreement in an innovative fashion?

    Have you included an innovative provision in your collective agreement?

    Have you entered into new collaborative ventures at the workplace?

    Have you jointly implemented new productivity measures?

    How have labour and management improved the workplace?

    Tell us your success stories, and we will feature your story on the website.

    To be part of this initiative contact:

    Labour Relations Board
    Suite 600 Oceanic Plaza
    1066 West Hastings Street
    Vancouver, B.C. V6E 3X1
    Tel : (604) 660-9639
    Fax : (604) 660-1892

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