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The purpose of this Practice Guideline is to set out the method of payment for the Labour Relations Board fees.  As with all Practice Guidelines formulated under Section 132 of the Labour Relations Code, this document is issued for the general guidance of the labour relations community, and is not binding upon the Board.


As the community is aware, the Government approved and ordered the Labour Relations Board Fees Regulation (the "Regulation") on October 30, 2003, to be effective January 5, 2004.  Click here to view the Labour Relations Board Fees Regulation B.C. Reg. 395/2003.

 Under the Regulation applications and complaints (except those filed under Section 141) are subject to a $100.00 fee.  The  initial replies from respondent(s) are subject to a $50.00 fee.  The applicant's final reply, and any subsequent submissions directed by the Labour Relations Board are not subject to a fee.

 Reconsideration applications under Section 141 are subject to a $200.00 fee.  The initial replies from the respondents are subject to a $100.00 fee.  The applicant's final reply and any further submissions directed by the Board are not subject to a fee.

 All Labour Relations Board forms will be amended effective January 5, 2004 to include a section regarding the payment of the application/complaint fee.  Payment can be made by credit card, cheque, debit card, or by charging to a pre-approved account.  The method of payment must be noted on the Labour Relations Board form.

 If payment is made by a credit card, the credit card information will be deleted from the application form before any distribution of the form to interested parties.  NOTE: The Labour Relations Board does not accept credit card information by e-mail.

 Applications and replies that are filed without the use of a specific Labour Relations Board form are subject to the same fee schedule.  The application and reply must specify the method of payment, which must be one of those listed above. 

 On request, the Labour Relations Board will establish pre-approved accounts for parties that appear before the Labour Relations Board frequently.  The Labour Relations Board will invoice those parties on a monthly basis, setting out the Labour Relations Board case numbers for which fee payment is applicable.  Any entity that is interested in establishing a pre-approved account should contact Ms. Deb Alton at, or in writing at the Labour Relations Board, 6th Floor, 1066 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6E 3X1.

 As the community is aware, certification and decertification applications are scheduled to be heard on specific days of the week.  Certification and decertification applications are subject to the $100.00 fee.  If the respondent(s) does not file a written reply and does not oppose the application there is no reply fee.  If objections raised at the hearing are resolved on that day using the Labour Relations Board's Special Investigating Officer, no reply fee will be charged.  If the objections result in the Board directing a submission/hearing process, the respondent's reply submission will be subject to the reply fee.


 Any applications that involve the use of a Labour Relations Board Mediator are subject to a total daily fee of $500.00, plus G.S.T.  While the Regulation is framed in a way that contemplates two parties to a dispute; there are some disputes that may involve more than two parties.  For example, the Labour Relations Board may receive an application under Section 72 of the Labour Relations Code for the designation of essential services.  The designation of essential services normally involves more than one employer and more than one union.

 In those circumstances it is not the intention to charge each party $250.00.  The Regulation contemplates a daily fee of $500.00.  The Labour Relations Board will charge the employers $250.00; and the unions $250.00 for each day.  The manner in which the daily fee will be apportioned to each party will be discussed at the commencement of essential service designations.  

 For Mediation services, the Labour Relations Board will invoice the parties on a monthly basis for cases that involve meetings over more than a period of a month.


 Collective Agreement Arbitration Bureau

All Collective Agreement Arbitration Bureau applications are subject to the same fee schedule.

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