Joint Consultation Committees (JCC)

A Training Program Directed Towards the Establishment of Effective Joint Consultation Committees


Section 53 of the Labour Relations Code requires employers and unions to establish joint consultation committees to promote the cooperative resolution of workplace issues.  The Mediation Division of the Labour Relations Board offers assistance to employers and unions in meeting this obligation by helping them establish joint consultation committees or rejuvenate existing committees.

Mediators work with the parties to arrive at a common understanding of the committee’s mandate and specific terms of reference for their operation.

Joint consultation Committee Effectiveness

Training is a key element in this process.  The mediators help the parties recognize the value of workplace cooperation and acquire the skills necessary for an effective joint committee.

The training program has been developed by the Mediation Division and focuses on committee structure and committee effectiveness.  The program is flexible so as to allow the parties to concentrate training in areas where learning needs have been identified.

Program modules include:

  • Committee Effectiveness (Terms of Reference, Do’s and Don’ts, Tips, Benefits and Results, etc.)

  • Planning the Meeting

  • Roles and Functions

  • Effective Communication

  • Problem-Solving Techniques

  • Decision Making by Consensus

  • Role Play

Joint training is provided to those management and union representatives who are, or will be, part of the consultation committee.  The program can be tailored to meet the particular needs of the parties.   A short program can be completed in 3 hours with a complete program requiring a full day.

Benefits Of Effective Joint Consultation Committees

For Management:

  • The establishment of the means for improved communication with the union.

  • An opportunity to discuss operational issues in a problem-solving manner.

  • A more positive labour-management relationship.

  • An opportunity to respond to constructive suggestions and valid complaints.

For the Union:

  • An opportunity for ongoing communication with management.

  • An opportunity to provide constructive input into operational problems.

  • An avenue to express employee and union concerns.

  • An opportunity to resolve ongoing issues.

 For more information contact: 

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Labour Relations Board

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